Hm ! My rented referrals . . .

Started by jozegobiz 2015-01-23 at 16:25
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Hello !
Is it realy possible ?
Hm ! My 10 rented referrals are not active . . . 0 clicks !
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I have rented 20 and only two have clicked and not every day I think they clicked once and never again. I wont be spending my money here for reffs anymore
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I rented 10 referrals. When none clicked after 2 days I recycled. Bad strategy but after reading some topics on this, I saw that they don't use the PTC Evo bot system to control RR's. So basically your stuck with real people who its a gamble on whether they work or not. I get tons of referrals and for every 20 maybe 1 sticks with it for more than 1 or 2 days.
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June 17, buy 10 referrals and do not work, Why?
I feel cheated.
Incidentally, if I have to recycle I pay.
I expect an explanation, please
happy day
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It seems to be normal for only 2-percent of people to be willing to WORK or invest Now for a Return On Investment later. This applies online or off.
I use another popular PTC website and they automatically Recycle any Rented Referrals (RR) after 14-days of inactivity by default. This saves you the expense of premature Recycling a RR who is sick or away.
They also provide extensive statistics for each RR so you can see their clicking pattern. Most RR click only 2-days a week -- presumably days off from regular employment or routinely quiet times in their life.
These statistics merely verify patterns commonly observed elsewhere, that we must learn to expect if not accept.

I hope this helps you understand and prepare yourself for realistic results.
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yep... I rented 50 and only 1 is clicking. won't be renting anymore.
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I recently rented 10 referrals. 5 out of 10 are clicking!! 1 is not a high performer, but the other 4 are doing pretty good!
I'm encouraged by these results, and pleased.
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Quote: fisher
I recently rented 10 referrals. 5 out of 10 are clicking!! 1 is not a high performer, but the other 4 are doing pretty good!
I'm encouraged by these results, and pleased.

I must say I really appreciate you posting this in the forum... Because people are eager to complain when things are not according to their expectations. But even if there are many that get good results, they 'forget' to post that... I would really like to encourage other members to post their positive experiences too, as this will benefit th site and themselves too. When new people come on the site and see that there are people with good results, they will be encouraged to remain active. And those people, can be your referrals, and you will be the one that will earn from their activity...

So let's not sabotaje ourselves, and encourage your referrals to stay active and earn here as you do...
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This is only to make me feel better as it is obvious from above that the owners of this site do nothing about it. I rented 20 referrals with every intention of upgrading and buying more referrals. BUT of the 20 referrals only 5 have any clicks and not many. I have replaced the other 15 3 times but still not a single click. I obviously will not be spending my money to upgrade as I has planned and will not be buying any more referrals.