yardım lütfen

Started by sevim50 2015-12-09 at 02:43
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ödeme yapmak için kimliğimin fotosunu istiyorlar ben nasıl güvenip kimlik fotokopisi göndereceğim?
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Please take a look at the screenshot I took for you: http://screencast.com/t/NIkbwLvWn, You have violated the Terms of Service by NOT providing your FULL REAL name. If you did that from the beginning, nobody would have asked for proof of ID. We are the right to know who we're sending money to.

It would have been better if you worked with us to correct YOUR mistake, but as you are reluctanct to do so all we can do is suspend your account. Maybe next time you join a site you will other to comply with the site's Terms of Service. Goodbye and goodluck.
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Siteye kayıt olurken gerçek ismini kullanmamışsın ya da eksik yazmışsın. Bu yüzden kimlik fotokopisi istemişler. Göndermeyince de banlamışlar.