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Started by sherlock 2016-12-28 at 06:25
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what sort of ptc has rentals that never click??
Answer is Legacyclix.
50 Rentals purchased before Xmas....and 1 only has clicked.

Theers only me to blame. Not enough research.

So i'm waving goodbye to my $22 invested and getting the hell out of here.

What a long running rip off
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Mr. Holmes
You left out the part where your single referral earned you 0.037 in the last 3 days and also has an avg of 15 clicks.
Now let's take a look at it a little closer:

0.037 / 3 = 0.0123333... let's say 0.0122 * 30 = 0.366 - 0.20 = 0.166 profit without renewal
Now lets assume with auto pay on 0.366 - 0.171 = 0.195
Assuming that your referral clicked everyday that's nearly returned what you paid for the referral and continues to return you profit.

That 1 referral will cover the cost of 2 referrals, now imagine if you would to recycle to get over the long term 50 referrals like that.
0.366 * 50 = 18.30 - 10 = 8.30 profit one time
0.366 * 50 = 18.30 - 8.55 = 9.75 after auto pay expense

Renting referrals is a service which has a cost of maintenance, we rent you referrals that joined the website without up line, their activity is not guaranteed. You can recycle your inactive referrals for a chance to get better referrals over time or you could go out there and get direct referrals instead which require no maintenance.

It is clearly indicated in the terms of service to which you agreed upon becoming a member of the site.
Terms of Service
Referral Terms
    LegacyClix is not responsible for referral activity and cannot predict their clicks avg, by purchasing / renting referrals you are fully aware of that.

As a member you must be aware of those terms and agree to them, if your unwilling to accept such terms you should not be a member.

So i'm waving goodbye to my $22 invested and getting the hell out of here.

This is not an investment site where your guaranteed a return on your investment.

What a long running rip off

If you are unhappy with the service here you can go to those so called legit sites and so you say invest your money there, it is your choice and your decision, but you have no right to accuse us of something without hard evidence and solid proof.

For your information the only reason your referral has 15 avg is because we do not limit how many clicks your referrals can get you.

Mr. Holmes it is your choice what you do from here, wish you all the best in your online career.

LegacyClix Admin