Yesterday's downtime was due to server overload

Started by antizom 2017-01-04 at 15:10
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Yesterday's downtime was due to server overload,
shortly after sending an email to all of our members
the server went in to overload.

The server itself was still up and running but site
was not accessible for a long time, however we
have managed to restore the server to normal without
any data loss or anything like that.

The only thing is not all members have received the
original email that was sent out, I don't want to send it
again as it might be annoying for those who already
received it.

Here is the original email:

Happy New Year 2017!

May this year be filled with lots of joy
love, success, wealth and most importantly

New year means lots of new opportunities
that are going to be available out there, and they
need to be promoted.

I'm sure you already have a niche that you are promoting,
well good news, we have some crazy deals at the

For example 2 in 1 packs which are like 50% off
normal price.

New year packs where you can save up to

I mean wow, what are you waiting for ?

This offer could end any time, so the longer
you wait the higher chance it will be gone.

You know what, I'll make you a deal you
cannot refuse, if you deposit over $50
before 5th Jan 2017, I will add 25% to your
purchase balance.

If you are really serious about advertising
deposit 200$ + I will add 50% to your purchase balance.

It is up to you to decide now what you do
from here.

Login right now and grab on to those packs
before they are gone.

Happy New Year To Everyone!


Again sorry if you have received it few times.
All offers are extended by 2 days due to the
delay of this email.

We will be opening Perfect Money for withdrawals
in few days, instructions for verification will be
added to personal settings also in few days.

Same as payza your account much be fully verified.

Once more Happy New Year to each and everyone of