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Started by antizom 2017-02-12 at 02:32
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Before you jump in to conclusions, first let me tell you what made me come up to this changes and how it will benefit members over a long term and of course why I am made this changes all together.

When I jumped on board of LegacyClix I was so excited, you know big project, lots of members, so I started doing few minor changes here in there, improvements and so on as you all know ... well those who read forum and news.

I will not be naming names, some members took their precious time and sent me suggestions and some feedback about changes via support (thank you if your reading). Some were really none sense but what ever any feedback or suggestion is valuable, it helps me as owner build a better system for you to use, and of course more profitable.

So first thing I was mentioned that I should add bitcoin and reduce the withdrawals to $5 that was in the forum post.
Bitcoin is hot I agree but very unstable and hard to work with, maybe in the future we will add it but not at this present time, how ever in terms of the $5 withdrawal, all memberships including free minimum withdrawal is $5 and no longer increases. Old upgraded accounts haven't been affected by this change so once you switch your account it will correct itself.

Rented Referrals do not click, rented referrals are not active enough, rented referrals are rented referrals ....
Honestly I will not get to very detailed on why I removed it, long story very short, you want RRs there are many sites out there that offer it.

For members with old lifetime upgrades, or that still have the upgrade, you can still use the RR system if you wish, but keep in mind that you will not have the benefits of the new upgrades.

While we are on the subject of referrals, all memberships now have Unlimited amount of direct referrals, you earn % from ad purchases including upgrades. The % from sales increases based on the upgrade and is instantly added to your account balance.

Members can no longer transfer funds from account balance to purchase balance, some members complained that their balances were transferred to purchase balance and ads were purchased without them knowing. We also noticed that many other sites have been affected by the same issue, therefor we have disabled this feature.

If you want to transfer funds to your purchase balance in the mean time, you can contact support with the request, keep in mind that minimum balance transfer is $1 , you will need to pass a simple verification before transfer.

Quick review of all changes:
RR system removed
Unlimited DRs for all upgrades
Add Purchase and Upgrade % commissions
5 upgrades types.
Withdrawal minimum $5 (doesn't increase)
Balance transfer disabled
Upgrades purchasable only via Payment Processor

To get back to members suggestions, some asked for different timers, smaller ad packs, different type of advertisement, higher rewards for activity.

As for timers and ad packs that is done
There are multiple timers as high as 3 minutes (great for video ad presentations as they are required to stay on page) and as low as 1 sec (great for quick traffic) keep in mind that all ads have to be fully loaded before they are shown so sometimes they stay longer than 1 second. If your content is super attractive well maybe even longer.
Higher timer requires more credits to be used of course, lower timer less credits.

Advertisement types: Login banner ads, Text Ads, Featured Links, Banner Ads, LegacyGrid, Fixed Ads, Credit Based Ads.
I think that is quite a few advertisement types, however there few more ad types we are working testing

Ad Grid prize was increased recently from $2 to $5 and also added many other smaller prizes, so far we haven't seen any $5 winners but hopefully soon.

Please continue providing us with suggestions, advice, feedback all are welcome, either here or via support which ever is more comfortable.

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$5 cashout limit is absolutely perfect!

Regarding other changes:
LegacyClix will become REAL ADVERTISER website!
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Not bad
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i am not working this site today join