exceeded the limit of renting referrals

Started by tracy 2017-02-14 at 00:37
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I cant rent refrrals its wrighting this message, that I exceeded the limit of renting referrals, but I dont bought any referrals, and dont have any. When this option will be available in future?:

Important: There are NO REFUNDS on the RENT Referral feature. Advertising is used to bring the new members in, we cannot control how active your referral is going to be. Please don't send a support ticket complaining about activity and realize that this is an as is product. We simply advertise for you.
Before renting referrals you agree that you have read and fully aware of that. You can not rent more referrals, you have exceeded the permissible limit of rented referrals.
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Everything was explained in the last update.
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