Frequently Asked Questions
» » What is Legacyclix?
» » How Can I Start Earning?
» » What Is The Minimum Payout?
» » How Do I Advertise On Legacyclix?
» » What is a referral?
» » How can I cash out the money?
» » Can other people in my household join?
» » What method of payments do you accept for upgrades and ad purchases?
» » What websites are not allowed to advertise?
» » What are the differences between all of the ad types?
» » After clicking several adverts why am I not being credited?
» » I cannot view ads or ads are not loading properly?
» » The ad timer stops, why?
» » What is a framebreaker ad?
» » I don't understand my account balance, what are the 2 extra digits?
» » Can a payment processor account be listed on more than one account?
» » Why is my account suspended?
» » Can I access my account with a proxy?
» » Is there a minimum age to join Legacyclix?
» » What are ad credits, can I get more ads with them?
» » What are ad credits used for?
» » I referred someone but I do not see them in my downline, why?
» » Can I change my sponsor?
» » Am I required to click ads to earn on my downline?
» » Why won't the ad load when I click it?
» » How do I transfer funds from my 'Main Balance' to my 'Purchase Balance'?
» Do You Have Refunds?
» How Does Paid to Signup Work?