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Personal Settings Update
Published on 12-01-2017

New topic in forums highly recommend to read and apply: Keep your login details safe

Modified Payza verification process

Added Perfect Money verification instructions

Perfect Money opened for cash outs

Deposit bonuses are closed but the Special Packs are still available.

Click Here To Grab Your Pack before it is removed.

Deposit Bonuses Ending Tonight
Published on 08-01-2017

Deposit bonuses ending tonight 8th Jan 2017 at midnight EST time.

Special Packs are still out there and available for those who want to take advantage of the promo.

Grab them while they are available, once they are gone don't send us a support ticket asking for specials.



New Offer Wall & Login Ad Banners
Published on 16-12-2016

AdClickWall has been added to offerwalls.

Want to add this offerwall to your site?
Register Here

Login ad banners been added for advertisers.
Currently on sale $14.95 for 30 Days!
That's only $0.50/day.



Minor updates and new ways to earn
Published on 05-12-2016

Added OfferWalls:

  • Clixwall
  • PTCwall
  • MinuteStaff

Added a quick guide on how to add Payza details in Personal Settings.
Personal Settings Guide 

Few light design changes and navigation:

  • Top Navigation Bar been simplified for easier navigation.
  • Few small changes to Side menu
  • Forums topic titles & pagination
  • FAQ simplified
  • View ads now displays Fixed Ads on top
  • Registration page

Email verification validation enabled for new registrations (testing)

Let us know what you think about changes and give us your opinion on our forum. 
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Added Payment Processors & Terms of Service Update
Published on 30-11-2016
  • We have added 2 more payment processors, Perfect Money and Payeer, they are available for purchases only at this point of time, any requests for cashouts with these processors will be declined until otherwise is stated.
  • Certain terms of service have been updated, we recommend to fully review terms of service in case you have not done so yet. 

    Few things we would like to point out:

    • Accounts will become inactive after 60 days instead of 30 days.
    • Inactive accounts will automatically have everything removed, this applies to all account types.
      • Direct and Rented Referrals Removed
      • Purchase and Main Balance Removed
      • Any unassigned advertisement credits
      • Points
      • Membership changed to standard

      • NOTE: This was already in terms of service, we have simply wanted to point this out as certain members did not fully understand, from this point on there will be no exceptions.

    • Minimum cashout amount now increases by 1 with every cashout until minimum of 10, this applies to free and upgraded members.
    • Payments are made withing 1 to 7 business days from the first business day it was received, this time is reserved for verification.